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About Infrared Thermography/Thermal Imaging

What is Thermography?

A Thermal imaging survey can identify faults or problems before they lead to a breakdown or potential fire

A Thermography survey is performed with a specialized Infrared camera that can take pictures in the infrared spectrum& Digital Images. The thermal image will show the temperature readings of an object either hot or cold, without requiring operations to interrupt the normal operations.

Thermography can help you see temperatures and potential equipment failures before they become issues, helping you manage equipment costs, increase fire safety, and look for energy reduction & utilization opportunities.

Financial Savings:

Fewer interruptions while in operation mean more uptime and greater productivity. Equipment problems are fixed before they fail and damage or destroy the rest of the machine. Identifying, developing problems and planning the repairs results in fewer “panic situations”, those costly predicaments that force excessive overtime and monetary premiums for emergency rush equipment orders.

The cost of having a thermography survey performed can easily be outweighed by the performed failures that can be identified and corrected. A good thermography survey can identify problems that could identify problems that could lead to overloaded equipment tripping offline or causing a fire.

An electrical fault may cost little to repair but if left to fail it can mean thousands of Dollars in lost production, downtime, Manpower, insurance excesses, injury claims etc.

We offer a professional service at competitive prices and can develop a preventive maintenance plan to suit your needs.


● Fire Safety Compliance –National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70Bprescribes annual infrared thermographic surveys for electrical systems. A comprehensive survey can discover hidden defects; prevent unplanned failures, business interruption, equipment damage, and insurance losses.
● An industrial process that runs reliably and without surprises produces asafer work environment. Many industrial processes are complex and run at high speed. A sudden failure on one machine can have a cascading effect of failures that may include flying debris.

● Fire avoidance. Overheated electrical connections can start fires. You may have heard of a fire in your area that it was caused by “faulty wiring”. This means many things, including bad design and overloaded circuits. It also commonly means a bad electrical connection that was overheating and was not found in time.


● A process that runs reliably will produce higher quality than a process that experiences sudden stops, mechanical wrecks, and a lack of maintenance to key components.


International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

● ISO 6781, Thermal insulation – Qualitative detection of thermal irregularities in building envelopes – Infrared method
● ISO 18434-1, Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines – Thermography – Part 1: General procedures
● ISO 18436-7, Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines – Requirements for qualification and assessment of personnel – Part 7: Thermography


● ITC Certified Level –III professionals for consultation (In-House).
● Furnace Inspection/Heater Tubes Inspection
● ITC Certified Level II qualified engineers for professional thermography surveys.
● ITC Certified Level I qualified engineers for professional thermography surveys.
● Fixed Thermal cameras with reliable softwares for monitoring critical areas
● Tailor made & dedicated solutions for each application.
● Highly reliable basic & professional softwares for fixed monitoring system with complete solution