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CCTV Pipe Inspection

CCTV Pipe Inspection Services

CCTV pipe inspection has to carry out by monitoring the condition inside the pipeline that may affect its operation that are too small for a person entry. This makes it possible to detect any current or potential pipeline damage as well as the accumulation of blockages, breakage, sludge, dirt, waste, welded joints and more.

CCTV pipeline inspection is a method of non-invasive testing withno digging, real-time result and cost effective. It will provide the best possible information in determining when piping needs to be fixed or replaced.

CCTV involves propelling a camera through the pipeline either by a 3D scanner robotic camera on wheels or by a camera lens on a rod (Push Camera). Once inside the camera can capture internal images of the pipeline, which can be analyzed for faults or features.

Two 3D scanner robotic camera used for CCTV Pipe inspection

We can provide CCTV pipe inspection pipe size ranging from 100mm diameter and up:

• Sewer and storm water drains and pipes/lines
• Conduits, piles, boreholes and manholes
• Pre-commissioned gas and water main pipes
• Cavities and underground storage tanks
• Electrical conduits, wet wells, and vessels