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Electrical Thermography/Thermal Imaging Inspection

Early identification of these faults is essential in order that corrective action can be undertaken before the problem escalates.The electrical system often fails because of fatigue, defective components, contamination, or just the loose connection, but all failing components have one thing in common, they will have a rise in temperature or a Hot Spot prior to failure.



Electrical Thermographic/Infrared Inspection:

● Substation Inspection
● Switchboards
● Overloaded & underrated cables
● Panel boards
● High resistance connections
● Hot spots
● Over load cables
● Over load fuses or breakers
● Overheating in distribution equipment
● Phase load imbalance
● Hot spots in high level lighting
● Heat build-up in overcrowded trunking
● Thermal insulation breakdown (hot or cold)
● Thermal loss
● Damp ingress

● Panel boxes
● Switch disconnectors
● Fuse disconnectors
● Fuse holders
● Transformers
● Switchgears
● Outdoor & Indoor GIS
● Bus Ducts
● Cable terminations
● Power Cable
● Neutral Cable
● Batteries
● Control Panels Etc…