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Industrial Thermography

Faults can be fixed before the Breakdown

Thermography plays an important role within the petrochemical, chemical, and power generation industries.All Industries has to carry out predictive maintenance inspections to make sure of smooth running. Within a refinery complex there are a number of different plants that carry out a specific function and process.In each plant or industry multitude of equipment from electrical to mechanical, to steam generation and steam powered, to hydraulic.


Specialized Thermography in Oil & Gas Industries:

● Finding & knowing the length of leak in suspected pipeline or suspected area.
● Inspection of Reactors, Burners, Piping, Heat Exchangers, Process Gas Boilers and Furnace walls for insulation thickness & damages.
● Inspection of Cold storage tanks for possible cold spots.

● Inspection of View Ports or inspection windows of Furnace to study & find the air leak which can reduce the efficiency of Furnace Chamber.
● Studying the heat flow on across the pipe.
● Finding leaks in safety valves, etc..